About Us

Prosperity Acres is a certified Minority Business Enterprise that serves Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Green Goats are available for rent to eat unwanted vegetation/invasive species for businesses, government agencies and homeowners throughout Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The mission is to provide our family and consumers with meat that is humanely raised and handled. We know our animals from birth to slaughter. By building a direct link with our buyers, and promoting the advantages of buying local, we hope to educate the community that buying fresh, buying local and getting to know your producer is the best way. Our top priority is stewardship of the land and respect for our livestock for mind, body and spirit. We are proud supporters of Southern Maryland So Good.

We believe great taste is still the key to great meat.   That’s why select our cattle based on breeding traits that produce the best marbling, we also dry age our beef for 3 weeks. We do not feed growth hormones or use antibiotics in our feed. Our customers can taste the difference and demand high quality. We focus on the quality of our meat not the quantity.

Our beef is available year round, goat meat follows the ethnic holiday calendar. We sell whole on the hoof, half, quarter, and custom cuts, see our pricing page for more detailed information.

  • Our animals are free to roam the pastures and graze, they are not kept in small overcrowded confinements.
  • No antibiotics or added growth hormones ever.


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