About the Beef

Worried about E. coli in your hamburgers? Skeptical that “natural” beef isn’t as natural as it sounds at the supermarket? Trying to stretch the annual food budget?

Consider skipping the middleman and buying your beef directly from the producer. You get to meet the person who raised the animal and ask questions about what it was fed, how it was treated, and even how it was slaughtered. And in most cases, you get to order exactly the cuts of meat you want. Bonus: per pound, this premium meat is cheaper than meat in the supermarket. We believe that great taste is still the key to great beef. That’s why we raise and breed Angus/Hereford cattle for the best quality meat we can sell. We start with the best genetics to raise the best tasting beef possible.

We personally prefer knowing exactly where our food comes from, how it was raised and was it raised and handled humanely all its life. Do you know where your food comes from, have you visited the farm that raises your food? You should visit the farm to see the conditions the in which the animals are kept. Are they kept in close confined pens or are they free to roam the pasture with places to rest out of the sun under the trees and out of the mud? Contented animals have less natural stress hormones in their body when being butchered because they are used to being raised and handled humanely.

Our beef is dry-aged for 3 weeks prior to processing which provides our customers with premium beef that you can not get in the grocery store. Because our beef is raised on pasture year round it is a much healthier meat for the consumer. Research states that grass-fed/pasture raised is lower in omega-6 fats that are linked to heart disease. Grass-fed meat is also higher in beneficial omega-3 fats and conjugated linoleic acids. Both reduce the risk of heart disease.

Read more: Mother Earth News – Grass-Fed Benefits.

We love hearing comments like this from our customers:

“Awesome Sirloin steak on the grill from Prosperity Acres! I highly recommend their meats. Partnered with a fresh salad, a bottle of red wine from Oregon State, and best of all shared with my honey on the back deck enjoying a gorgeous evening. God is Good!” –  Jan and Ron Waters


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