Beef Grades

Below is a chart of the USDA grades of beef. We raise our beef to grade at Prime and Choice. Do you know that what you buy most of the time in the grocery store is considered select or less? We also let our beef hang for 14-21 days for maximum tenderness. You cannot compare the beef that is in the grocery stores to what is raised on small farms and individually fed each day for maximum growth, health, and grade of meat. Also when you buy from the grocery store or even some butchers do you know where the beef comes from and how it was raised Remember you are what you eat. Eat fresh and definitely eat from your local farmer. It takes a lot of work to raise cattle for slaughter for food consumption, pay your local farmer what it is worth so they can keep their farms thriving.

Percent of Intramuscular Fat For USDA Quality Grades
Percentage Intramuscular Fat USDA Quality Grade Degree of Marbling
11% and Above Prime+ Abundant 00-100
9.5% – 11% Prime° Moderately Abundant 00-100
8% – 9.5% Prime Slightly Abundant 00-100
7% – 8% Choice+ Moderate 00-100
5% – 6% Choice° Modest 00-100
4% – 5% Choice Small 00-100
3.5% – 4% Select+ Slight 50-100
3% – 3.5% Select- Slight 00-50
2.5% – 3% Standard+ Traces
2.5% and Below Standard- Practically Devoid


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