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BEST Saturday march 21 229[9]

Hakuna Matata has continued to exceed our expectation from when we bought him in 2012.  He is the little engine that could.  When we bought him we thought he was so beautiful and he was, but he was also malnourished, he was thin and acted as if he had an ulcer.  He didn’t have an ulcer he wasn’t absorbing all the nutrients in his feed.  We started him on Amaferm and the rest is history.  He has such the eye appeal in the show ring, his muscles are in top condition and most of all we find very little or no feed at all in manure.  His body is taking it all in.  Less waste and more cost efficient.






Clipper Blade Sharpening

$6.00 Small Set

$9.00 Large Set

call the office at 443-964-4972 to schedule an appointment to drop them off or they can be mail.


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